Spelling correction and synonyms

Automatic synonyms generation based on product properties Correction of misspelled brands and product lines learned from user query logs

Automatic synonyms and typos correction

Multiple search criteria: categories, brands, colors, sizes

Detectum store search can use multiple parameters

Measure units and dimensions

Number parameters with measure units conversion also allows for approximate matches.

Detectum store search uses numbers with units

Query auto-complete in the search box

Search auto-complete is lightning fast helps query formulation and saves key strokes.

Detectum store search with auto-complete

Results grouped by category

Grouping results by category eliminates mixing heterogeneous items

Detectum product search grouping results by category

Self-learning product ranking

Two-tired product ranking optimized by machine learning algorithms based on user clicks and purchases history.

Detectum store search with multi-factor product ranking

Automatic facet filters

Detectum faceted search with filters for brand, size, color etc.