Onsite Product Search built for e-commerce

Convert more visitors and increase sales with Detectum —
a robust one-box product search for e-commerce

Detectum SaaS search helps online stores look smarter to their visitors, and beat competition, while saving R&D budget and keeping server costs low. We are in the business of processing millions of product search queries on a daily basis.
Our customers are online stores, retail chains and e-commerce apps.

Detectum renders more relevant product listings in less time

  • One-box extended
  • Spelling correction
    and synonyms
  • Multiple parameter
  • Measure units
    and dimensions
  • Query auto-complete
    in the search box
  • Grouping results
    by category
  • Self-learning
    product ranking
  • Faceted search

One-box extended search

Natural language search query is extended transparently for the user,
providing the competence of extended search in a simple
and usable one-box search interface

One-box extended search

Spelling correction and synonyms

Automatic synonyms generation based on product properties
Correction of misspelled brands and product lines
learned from user query logs

Automatic synonyms and typos correction

Multiple parameter search

Multiple search criteria: brands, colors, categories, sizes.

Detectum store search can use multiple parameters

Measure units and dimensions

Number parameters with measure units conversion
Approximate matches are allowed.

Detectum store search uses numbers with units

Query auto-complete in the search box

Search auto-complete is lightning fast
helps query formulation and saves key strokes.

Detectum store search with auto-complete

Grouping results by category

Grouping results by category
eliminates mixing heterogeneous items

Detectum product search grouping results by category

Self-learning product ranking

Two-tired product ranking
Optimized by machine learning algorithms
based on user clicks and purchases history.

Detectum store search with multi-factor product ranking

Faceted search

Automatic facet filters for a given set of results.

Detectum faceted search with filters for brand, size, color etc.

Improve onsite search and enjoy a 20% revenue increase

Detectum product search is purposely built for e-commerce. Our onsite search service is compatible with any platform, works fast and reliably, and it learns in the process. We believe most shoppers don't need to be experts in the subject matter. They do need a great shopping experience. Query autocomplete, facet filters, synonyms and automatic spelling correction are vital components of our solution, that will make your store the most relevant place for any shopper. Detectum product search can help you increase revenue, gain points of conversion, and build long-term loyalty relationships with the end customers.

Detectum customer

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to a new level of shopping experience
Detectum store search best works with:

  1. Product list with params in XML format
  2. A prior site search query log

About our team:

Detectum is a private start-up founded by a group of developers and managers. Our team is spread out across three different locations in Europe with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. We are experienced in providing high load search services with commitment to strict SLA. Detectum store search currently supports English, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Ukrainian and Russian languages and is installed at several e-commerce sites.